Bob Dorsey

Musician/Artist/Painter what creative avenue does Bob love the most? All of them. For over 30 years Bob has enjoyed creating art and the fun stories that come with creating it. A Tampa boy who now calls New Mexico his home, Bob has become addicted to Green chili and the culture of the southwest. Check out more of his creative work at

Mark Tarrant

A New Mexico author and screen writer Mark loves weird west tales and green chili bacon cheeseburgers. His favorite comic books are Conan and Jonah Hex. Fond of smoking cigars and brainstorming new ideas with other creative people is one of his favorite things to do. “Hey I have an Idea for a story…what if…” He has several other adventures and tales at

Jay Tarrant

Writer for over 200 songs and playing in bands for the last 20 years, Jay loves to tell stories. Whether it’s a verse in a song or an idea for a TV show or film, Jay enjoys creating. New to the comic world, he is enjoying this new creative storytelling outlet. Listen to his music on iTunes, Band Camp and other various music sites online. 

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